Modern Knitting….a new spin on an old craft!

Are you ready? Are you pumped?

International Yarnbombing day is only a few days away now and I know a lot of Yarnbombers are preparing!

If you’d like to talk with others about their Yarn Bombing preparations or post your pictures on IYBD (international Yarnboming day) you can go to the Facebook group and like it then post away!

Sarah Gonzalez is also looking for footage to put in the Yarn Bombing documentary so, if you have a video camera and you’re taking part in IYBD think about taking it with you for extra Yarnbombing fun.

Also make sure you keep posted to and watch twitter and your other favorite Yarnbombing blogs during the coming days after IYBD there’s definitely going to be a lot going on.

Also, make sure you check out the blog after IYBD, we’ll have some of our own tags to flaunt and hopefully some reactions from people who pass by!!!

Good luck and have an Awesome Internatonal Yarnbombing Day!!!!

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