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5 Ways to Fit In Your Knitting Fix

I haven’t posted in a while, and I kind of hope you missed me. As a college student, I have many interests, without time to pursue all of them. Sometimes the things we love have to take a back seat to our real work, in my case homework.

In the yarn bombing community, I commonly hear things like “I love Yarn Bombing but I can’t find the time…” or “I would but I’m too busy” or “I can’t fit it in my schedule.”

So I have some tips and strategies to help you find time to knit and spread the joy of yarn bombing.

1)   While watching TV

We all have those times where we come home and want to just plop down in front of the TV and do nothing. Well Yarnbombers, if you’re not already, pick up your needles and make use of this time.  You can be productive and relax a bit after a long day.

While new knitters may find it hard to concentrate on both their knitting and the TV screen, practice pays off. Keep working on it and in no time your hands will be working away while you’re enjoying your favorite programs.

2)   While waiting in line

Pull out your work while in line for coffee, groceries, or at the bank. It’s a great time to get some quick work done. It may seem like you’re not making much progress, but every bit counts.

Also, you may find that it becomes a conversation starter. You could make some new friends, find fellow Yarnbombers, or recruit some new talent.

3)   During class

You have to be careful with this one. If you should be taking notes, you probably shouldn’t be knitting. If you can actively participate in class while also working on your latest masterpiece, then go for it. This is an hour or so that can be used to your advantage. Yes, you need to be learning, but if you’re skilled enough to let your hands work while you’re answering questions or contributing conversation, then it’s a good time.

First, though, always make sure your professor knows that you respect them, and ask them if it’s alright before you start. Many professors are understanding, and if you demonstrate that you are being respectful, they will respect you for it.

4)   During your commute

If you’re not driving, this is the perfect time to get some work done. If you ride the bus or have a car pool, you shouldn’t be staring out the window.  Get out your knitting, and you might be surprised at how much is accomplished.

5)   Outside

When it gets warmer, I love to be outside, sometimes just lying out in the sun. Take your knitting with you. Get some sun, have some fun, and be productive. A lot of people like to sit on their porch, have a beer, and talk with friends —and you can be knitting too!

Some of these tips may be really obvious, but sometimes when we budget our time, we’re so overwhelmed with what we have to do that we forget to fit in what we like or want to do.

Please leave a comment with your favorite places to knit, or stories on how you manage to fit it all in!

Happy Knitting!!