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I’ve decided that in order to find out if Yarn Bombing is on the rise or becoming a fad of the past I need to find out if people are interested in Yarn Bombing. Obviously there are many people out there, just look at some of the blogs like Streetcolors, KTC’s, Knittaplease, Yarnbombing, and Whodunnknit, and so so many more. But, even if there are people out their actively Yarn Bombing, for it to really stay around people need to continue being interested and starting to Yarn Bomb themselves.

I’ll have a survey put up on this site for people to comment answers so that I can receive more information and I’ll also be doing surveys around my campus. I intend to survey people before I’ve put up a lot of tags and sometime next quarter when people have had a chance to see them around. I hope to receive a lot of information to really see where Knitfitti is headed. SOOOOO, once these surveys are up it would be great if you’d comment your answers and then ask your friends to comment as well, I’d love to get a lot of input from Yarn Bombers I want to find out where YOU think this is headed. These surveys are coming soon and I hope you’re ready for them 😀



Just to keep you informed I have two of my interviews on Thursday this week, I’m very much looking forward to them. The first will be with Streetcolor at ten her time… which took me a whole day to realize was a totally different time in the eastern time zone where I am, thankfully it will be at one my time and I’ll be out of class ready to ask questions and learn as much as I can about Yarn Bombing. Then, a couple hours later, at three my time and twelve hers, I will be interviewing Leanne Prain who is the co-author of Yarn Bombing. I have also emailed Magda Sayeg‘s assistant, Karen McClellan and K1D2 questions. I know I’ve already talked about these interviews but now you can be super excited on Thursday evening, and really all through the week, to find out what I find out.

While Yarn Bombing has become an exciting and extremely interesting topic in my life I still need to find out, for my research paper, if Yarn Bombing is on the rise or soon to be forgotten among other fads and hobbies. It’s hard to think that something that yells for attention and can brighten up a person’s day will fall to the archives of local newspapers instead of becoming something revolutionary for the street art world. Will knitting be put back in its rocker or continue taking this skill to the streets? We will see!!!

Yarn Bombing on Wall Street

Exciting News

Well, I’ve been a busy bee and have been researching and reading like crazy about Yarn Bombing or knit-fitti or Guerrilla knitting or whatever you’re fond of calling it. The point is I have four interviews lined up for this week! this means more information, more insight and more inspiration! We’ll find out information from Knitta Please, the woman credited for starting this art form, Streetcolor, a yarn bomber from Berkeley CA, KTC (Knit The City), a group of Yarn bombers based in the UK , and Leanne Prain, co-author of Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti which was published in 2009. I am extremely excited to find out how these people feel about Yarn Bombing, what is going on with it and its future.

That was your update. BE EXCITED!!

A tree, Yarn Bombed, in a place near my home town

Also be aware that I may be conducting my own Yarn Bombing experiment soon to see what response I get in my neighborhood.