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Yarn Bombing; is it Explosive or a Dud? Part IV Leanne Prain

I also interviewed Leanne Prain, co-author of the book Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti published in 2009.  Leanne started as most Yarn Bombers do as a knitter. She had gotten sick and a friend brought her a kids knitting book. From there she created a Stitch and Bitch where she and her friends could get together and drink and knit. From these skills and the discovery of Knit Graffiti on the Internet she became increasingly interested in knit graffiti. The book started out as a student project but ended up being noticed by Arsenal Pulp Press. Partnered with her co- author Mandy Moore the Yarn Bombing book was created.

Leanne went into Yarn Bombing as a curious person, not an expert and came out with a wonderful book and plenty of knowledge. She does Yarn Bomb and has noticed a lot of what other Yarn Bombers have. One trend she’s noticed is that People are doing more and more community projects, where people come together and knit or crochet. This trend seems natural considering that the public areas belong to the public, by getting together and creating something for their community it really does pull the neighborhood together. The other trend is that people have started to push the envelope to see what they can make of Yarn Bombing. The Bull that was Yarn Bombed on Wall Street is one example. These people who are taking on bigger projects are spreading the word about Yarn Bombing and Leanne says she expects to be surprised by what is to come.

One of the other Yarn Bombers that I interviewed wanted me to ask Leanne Prain how she feels about how people interpret and use the Yarn Bombing book and if the message had been diluted. Leanne responded to this question saying that she’s completely happy with the way it has been interpreted, that everyone has a different interpretation and that is the point of Yarn Bombing and art. She says that older people like the absurdity of Yarn Bombing, while the younger generations could become interested because of traditional graffiti and use it as a “jumping off point”. She says that “Every time I think I’ve seen it all someone surprises me, people are artistic and expressive and I appreciate the initiative.” This ability to interpret Yarn Bombing as a craft and the art pieces themselves is shared amongst many Yarn Bombers, they want people to interpret their work in their own way so that there is meaning, in the end this art form is there to make people happy.

Leanne also mentioned that there is a sort of gender issue within the Yarn Bombing community. There are not many males who actually Yarn Bomb. Men tend to be really defensive when asked about knitting and it is seen as a more feminine art form. However, this cultural stigma does not have to stay around and as more closet male knitters reveal their work it will become more acceptable for males to participate.  Leanne spoke about her seven-year-old nephew wanting to learn to yarn bomb. In fact she says that people of all ages have asked her about it and seem interested. The future of Yarn Bombing really depends on these people to pick up knitting needles and start creating art. In her mind the future of Yarn Bombing is a mystery and she is excited to see it unfold. For many future Yarn Bombers it will all start out by stumbling upon Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti.