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This weekend, starting tomorrow I’m going to take a bunch of surveys  out into the world and find out who knows about how Yarn bombing is perceived. I have two different surveys, one to see if people already know about Yarn Bombing and if they do not, what they think it is, whether its violent or silly or stupid or a great idea and then another survey giving the definition and then asking what they think of it knowing what it is. I really think these surveys will show how much awareness there is right now and if, when people actually know what it is, they are interested in either seeing it or doing it themselves. I realize that the survey questions I posted on this blog are a little difficult so I have put up a survey monkey survey instead, the post got a lot of views but only a few answers.

To find out if Yarn Bombing is going to increase in popularity I think its really important to figure out if people actually know about it. The biggest thing that I’ve found through my research and personal experience is that people don’t really know about this craft. The people I tell seem interested in at least seeing examples and some really want to start working on tags. I think doing these surveys will not only give a feel for how much people know about Yarn Bombing but also spread awareness and curiosity. I hope the busy people in Pittsburgh and the University of Cincinnati will give me a bit of their time and fill out my surveys, otherwise its back to the drawing board for a new way to research Yarn Bombing. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment.

In other news I have seen a lot more graffiti on campus and not just sloppy tags but really nice looking pieces. If this is an indication that there are creative people wanting to start street art it may also mean that the tags I’ll be putting up may continue having positive reviews and reactions. I really need to knit more.

Please take the survey I have at it’ll help me get a better feel for how many people know about Yarn Bombing (its only eight questions)

Wish me luck!



So, I made up a survey for both Yarn Bombers and Non Yarn Bombers I’d love it if you would help contribute to my research by commenting on this post with the answers to the survey that pertains to you. If you do not want your answers posted please specify in the comment otherwise I’m going to post them for curious readers. Hopefully through this research I can get a better grasp on where Yarn Bombing is headed and if it’s catching or being forgotten. It would be great if you could have your friends answer the questions of the survey as well the more people who answer the better the results will be. I will also be giving a survey through other means to get more balanced answers.

I’m posting the surveys in two separate posts to make them easier to read and hopefully encourage people to answer them. I realize that This is not the best way to give a survey but the answers I end up getting will be helpful.


Survey for Non-Yarn Bombers

Non-Yarn Bombers

1) Gender?

2) Age?

3) Location?

4) How did you find out about Yarn Bombing and when?

5) What was your first impression of Yarn Bombing?

6) Have you seen Yarn Bombing in person?

7) Do you Knit or Crochet?

8 ) Do you intend to start Yarn Bombing? Why or why not?

9) Do you think that Yarn Bombing will grow or fall in popularity?

10) Have you told others about Yarn Bombing?

11) Do you know anyone who Yarn Bombs?

12) Do you read or follow and Yarn Bombing media sources like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, or anything else?

Survey for Yarn Bombers

Yarn Bombers

1) Gender?

2) Age?

3) Location?

4) How long have you been a Yarn Bomber?

5) How were you introduced to Yarn Bombing?

6) About how many tags have you put up?

7) Do you have a place to document tags ex. a blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc.

8 ) Have you recruited other people?

9) What are your experiences with law enforcement while Yarn Bombing?

10) What age or ages do you believe are most attracted to Yarn Bombing?

11) Do you believe that Yarn Bombing is on the rise or falling in popularity?


I’ve decided that in order to find out if Yarn Bombing is on the rise or becoming a fad of the past I need to find out if people are interested in Yarn Bombing. Obviously there are many people out there, just look at some of the blogs like Streetcolors, KTC’s, Knittaplease, Yarnbombing, and Whodunnknit, and so so many more. But, even if there are people out their actively Yarn Bombing, for it to really stay around people need to continue being interested and starting to Yarn Bomb themselves.

I’ll have a survey put up on this site for people to comment answers so that I can receive more information and I’ll also be doing surveys around my campus. I intend to survey people before I’ve put up a lot of tags and sometime next quarter when people have had a chance to see them around. I hope to receive a lot of information to really see where Knitfitti is headed. SOOOOO, once these surveys are up it would be great if you’d comment your answers and then ask your friends to comment as well, I’d love to get a lot of input from Yarn Bombers I want to find out where YOU think this is headed. These surveys are coming soon and I hope you’re ready for them 😀


I came back to the building today and all my tags are still up! It was a happy surprise for me and it means that my easy to remove yarn bombs don’t seem like horrible graffiti to the maintenance staff here, also that the students and teachers who use these classrooms don’t find them offensive enough to take down. I’m going to continue tagging this building and the grounds and see what happens, I’ll be a busy knitter this weekend.


If you are a Yarn Bomber and you’re interested in having your work published in my blog feel free to contact me, just leave a post with your email and what you’d like to talk about. I’d love to interview more Yarn Bombers and hear more stories and experiences.


If you are someone who has seen Yarn Bombing and you’d like to learn more or get involved you can also contact me the same way 🙂


The last thing I’d like to update you all about is that I have more interviews to post soon, I’ve been a little overwhelmed with classwork but I’m going to type up my entries about the interviews I’ve done very shortly.

Second Installment

So, my boyfriend says that when I decide that I like something I don’t like it I love it. It’s true. I love Yarn Bombing. My second installment in my experiment was put up today. So far I have only received positive reactions but, we’ll see if they’re still up tomorrow. I intend to continue tagging my campus until I receive a real reaction, maybe that will never happen. I think I’ll be doing surveys soon to see how aware students are of Yarn Bombing now and after I start bombing more often. I hope that my work will have a warm welcome and that people will enjoy the color I’m putting on campus. If I get in trouble I’ll know to stop. In the mean time I think that this Yarn Bombing is catching on, some people are starting to get interested.