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Yarn Bombing; is it Explosive or a Dud? Part III Knitorious M.E.G

I Interviewed Knitorious M.E.G. from K1-D2 in Richmond, VA, which started out and remains a group who comes together to knit and drink. I’ve recently learned, from an interview on that their group runs like a television show, meeting once a week from September to June. At their peak they had nineteen members and plan to keep that their peak. Knitorious M.E.G. is the groups main Yarn Bomber and installs a piece every month herself.  The group also did four projects last year, which Knitorious M.E.G. noted are easier to pull off because they “look like a group of girls out on the town.”

One aspect of Yarn Bombing is that it is considered graffiti by a lot of people including Knitorious M.E.G. and many police officers. This means that Yarn Bombers must be careful when tagging and realize that the art may be unwanted and illegal. Knitorious M.E.G.  told me that while Richmond is very hard on graffiti, Yarn Bombing is removable and  since no permanent damage is done the officers are ok with it. She still keeps her head down and works quickly to put a tag up, just in case.

Knitorious M.E.G agrees with Magda when it comes to who Yarn Bombing appeals to and said “I feel it speaks to all ages, I think young or old are kind of surprised to see knitting, especially in a graffiti/public context.” This continuity in what Yarn Bombers are observing shows that Yarn Bombing is an art that appeals to many ages in many places.  She also agrees that that Yarn Bombing is still going to become more popular along with knitting in general. She believes that it takes time and dedication and that deters people from actually going out and doing it. However, when people find or make the time for it they might find they really enjoy it.

This interview was another good indication that Yarn Bombing will still rise in popularity. Knitorious M.E.G. and Magda Sayeg have been able to work in groups and as solo artists, documenting their works. Yarn Bombing is a form of street art that does display the artwork but also helps to unite a community and bring color to people’s days. This sense of community helps to drive Yarn Bombers to create more work and continue making tags. Knitorious M.E.G. said that she stays motivated by “Just thinking about the smiles that it will bring when it’s completed.” This idea that Yarn Bombing is not just for the artist or to color an industrialized world, but actually to bring happiness to communities seems like a pretty good cause to join instead of forget about.