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Yarnbombing and You

The drive behind this blog, Modern Knitting, is to monitor what’s going on in the yarn bombing community. So, for this week—and for however long you’d like—we’re asking you to submit links to your blogs or links to pictures that you’ve taken of your yarn bombing. Plus, we’ll put you in our blogroll to help everyone find artists in their area. People want to connect with like minds, and Modern Knitting would like to help bring artists closer together.

If you don’t have a link to share—and even if you do—we’d love for you to post what yarn bombing means to you. Let’s keep up the energy and keep spreading the joy.

Yarn bombing to me means:

*Turning something plain into something eye catching and fantastic
*Sharing your love and hard work with others
*A smile on a stranger’s face
*Surprise and delight

What does yarn bombing mean to you?


Comments on: "Yarnbombing and You" (2)

  1. I didn’t know about yarn bombing until I met you, Rachel! To me, it looks like a form of public art that is very community oriented and positive. While I don’t think it’s something that will gain widespread participation (I will *never* learn how to knit!), I do hope it is widely appreciated.

  2. Yarn bombing is lots of fun for me. It is an opportunity for me to be spontaneous with my crochet, and make dull things look pretty.
    Yarn bombing always makes me feel more confident with my crochet, especially as a young person keeping an old craft as a hobby.

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