Modern Knitting….a new spin on an old craft!

Sarah Gonzalez

As promised I was able to interview with Sarah Gonzalez, the woman who has taken on the challenge of creating a Yarn Bombing Documentary. She was extremely nice and our interview was very conversational and charged with a sense of excitement speaking about Yarn bombing, which we both are passionate about.

While Sarah is only twenty six, she has already graduated from UT for film and has three jobs working within her field, two of them for non-profits and you can tell talking to her that she is passionate about her work and about this work in progress.

It is amazing when someone can really work with passion and Sarah has managed to merge her love for graffiti, knitting and film into this one artistic venture. What started as a plan to create a short documentary quickly transformed into an ambitious, long term, worldwide trip to document what is actually happening in this new art form.

Sarah was able to get in touch with Magda Sayeg, the innovator of Yarn Bombing, and now often spends time with her. You can tell that Sarah has support from many Yarn Bombers from Magda’s involvement, the involvement of other Yarnbombers and all the tweets and retweets about the documentary. You can literally see the amount of support building everyday just searching for tweets on yarnbombing, I’ll bet at least one for every five are about the documentary.

Unfortunately when taking on a task this big there is funding to worry about. This is why Sarah created a website where people can donate as little or as much as they like to help support this artistic endeavor.

Every little bit helps and Sarah is wowed that so many people are willing to participate. For you big spenders out there looking to help the arts, a donation of $500 dollars not only helps the film a lot but you’ll also earn the coveted homemade dinner with the director and producer with some postdinner knitting. What more could you even want!!! It’s these kinds of personal touches to the fundraiser that makes me even more convinced that Sarah is the right person to spread the word on this community based art. We put this art out to share the love, and Sarah wants to help to share the love with anyone willing to watch her film.

Once the documentary is finished Sarah hopes that it will help show people who have never heard of Yarnbombing, or who have heard but don’t understand why people become Yarnbombers and why this art brings so much happiness to people. She hopes that it will bring joy to young and old and encourage people to actively participate and get excited about Yarnbombing.

I hope reading this makes you as excited about the documentary as I am. Really having someone who is a yarnbomber, who loves what she does and loves spreading this joy creating a documentary about an art form that brings joy is perfect. We’re all passionate about something and Sarah Gonzalez gets to express her interests in a once in a lifetime film. I wish her luck and encourage you to show your support as well!!

Happy Knitting!!!


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