Modern Knitting….a new spin on an old craft!

A yarn graffiti documentary by Sarah Gonzalez is in the works. This is an amazing opportunity to document yarn bombing artists from around the world and to let people know this really is a movement.

The quote from Magda Sayeg that has been seen in so many tweets—and is documented within the documentary’s pitch video—is “We don’t knit for hate.”

The message is powerful and stands for what yarn bombing is meant to do. To me yarn bombing spreads joy to others with a bright surprise on an otherwise dull pole or bench. The message is different for everyone, but regardless: “We don’t knit for hate.”

Sarah is asking for support and donations so that this documentary can go from vision to a reality. Making a documentary of what is happening now would not only open our eyes as yarn bombers, but also open our eyes to the artistic possibilities that exist in everyday activities.

Already I’m seeing more tweets, more pictures, and more blogs about knit graffiti, so let’s keep it up and support each other. If you can’t donate any money to the cause, you can help support by following and retweeting @Gonzography, which is Sarah’s twitter handle.

Keep updated on this documentary; it may be the next step in yarn bombing becoming mainstream.

I’m also working on interviewing Sarah for an upcoming post, so keep checking in for more details. I’ll be excited to share it with you!!!


Comments on: "The Yarn Graffiti Documentary" (5)

  1. Who said we wanted Yarn Graffiti to go mainstream?

  2. Personally, I’d love for more people to enjoy and get involved with Yarnbombing.

  3. The use of the term ”mainstream” is pejorative everywhere in the art world and in whatever alternative social pratcice. I don’t want to necessarily bring up the old counter-culture debate, but clearly yarn bombing has something of it and allthough anyone participating in the movement might say it’d be nice to have some more, I doubt we would want as many knits on poles as tagged names on walls…
    Just saying. My point was please don’t use ”go mainstream” to say we all want more knit graffiti.

    In french canadian we have a saying: “Trop c’est comme pas assez” that means “too much is just like too little”

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