Modern Knitting….a new spin on an old craft!


So, I made up a survey for both Yarn Bombers and Non Yarn Bombers I’d love it if you would help contribute to my research by commenting on this post with the answers to the survey that pertains to you. If you do not want your answers posted please specify in the comment otherwise I’m going to post them for curious readers. Hopefully through this research I can get a better grasp on where Yarn Bombing is headed and if it’s catching or being forgotten. It would be great if you could have your friends answer the questions of the survey as well the more people who answer the better the results will be. I will also be giving a survey through other means to get more balanced answers.

I’m posting the surveys in two separate posts to make them easier to read and hopefully encourage people to answer them. I realize that This is not the best way to give a survey but the answers I end up getting will be helpful.



Comments on: "Surveys" (2)

  1. Non-Yarn Bomber
    1. Male
    2. 18
    3. Solon, Ohio
    4. Through this blog, today
    5. It was dumb
    6. No
    7. No
    8. No, not my type of thing
    9. Grow
    10. No
    11. No
    12. No

  2. Yarn Bomber
    3. Cincinnati, OH
    4.I’ve been a Yarn Bomber for a few months
    5.I learned about Yarn Bombing online
    6. I have about ten up
    7. I have a blog and twitter account
    8. I have not recruited anyone yet
    9. I have had no experience with law enforcement
    10. I think all ages can find a reason to enjoy yarn bombing either for the look the craft or the art behind it
    11. I think Yarn Bombing is still on the rise

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