Modern Knitting….a new spin on an old craft!

Modern Knitting???

Yes, this blog is about knitting. But NO, it is not the knitting your grandma does in her rocker. This is a blog devoted to exploring what the world has to offer in knitting advancements. All over the world technology is advancing and becoming more entertaining and so are our old crafts. This first post will hopefully give you a taste of what’s to come in this blog. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to pick up some needles and start creating.
Now, I’m sure you’ve seen graffiti out and about during your travels, under a bridge, through a tunnel, on an old building, or just on some random object. While some consider this vandalism a lot of people consider it art. Knitting has gone from a hobby making baby bonnets and cuddly blankets to an all out guerilla attack on all things cold and dingy. Knitting has become an art form that helps to express the color and joy within our cold industrial world.

People are going around knitting, not for babies, not for grandchildren and not even for a nice winter scarf. They are going out and knitting for our inanimate objects. To some this is vandalism, but unlike graffiti with spray paint all you have to to is cut the yarn and the object is free from its colorful covering.

During this blog I’ll be writing more about this interesting use of knitting needles, but if the excitement of modern art doesn’t get you antsy and jumping out to your nearest Michaels there is much more to come. In fact I have even found a website that reveals 100 modern knitting inspirations. To check it out yourself go to . Really, this blog is here to explore where knitting is headed or if it’s going no where fast. Keep checking back for more modern uses, interviews, surveys and more. If knitting is going to have a come back as something greater than your granny’s hobby this blog will find out the directions its going.


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  1. great idea, I’m excited to see what you do !

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